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Here at Dowling Park Church of God we are growing each week and are reaching out every day. We are continuing to establish new ministries to minister to the entire family.



We desire to pray for you here at Dowling Park Church of God. Not only is prayer available here but the Church of God has a hotline and website for prayer 24/7. Go to the following site for more information.

Bible Study at the Advent


On the last Wednesday of each month our Pastor leads a church service for the residents at the Christian Advent Nursing Home at 10am.

Feeding the Community


Dowling Park Church of God has an emergency food bank to help those in need. Aftershock Cafe opens at 6pm each Wednesday before church to help families with their busy schedules and to have fellowship.



The CULTURE Youth Group is a group of teens (with a few fun adults thrown in) who love to hang out, eat, play some crazy games, and learn more about Christ.

Led by Youth Leader Gerald Lee, the youth of DPCOG come together from all over and meet every Wednesday Night at 7:00 pm. We provide a fun, safe environment for them to experience an awesome time of fellowship, music, games and bible study discussions for “real life” application.

Women's Ministries


Since the beginning of the Church of God in Dowling Park, women have been a vital part.
Women's Discipleship is confronting the issues that women are facing today by providing resources, training, and study opportunities that will focus on character and integrity in life choices, values and unique spiritual gifts through discipleship awareness. Our goal is to develop an army of powerful, more-than-conquering confident women.

LifeBuilders Men's Ministries (KINGSMEN)

LifeBuilders is a discipleship initiative for Men.  LifeBuilders men will discover how to follow Christ fully, connect with believers strategically and to be the man of God they were created to be.  Discipleship brings growth and transformation that allows men to serve Christ and fulfill their destiny.  Discipled men will be better husbands, better fathers, better leaders and more dynamic witnesses.


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