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Pastor Mike Carson, Jr is an ordained Bishop with the Church of God. He has traveled extensively around the world preaching and declaring the Word of God. He has had several guest appearances on TBN, Lambs Broadcasting, and other local broadcast around the country. He has hosted his own TV and Radio broadcast through the years.

He has been married to Angie Carson for 32 years and they have two boys named Joshua True and Jonah Blue.

Pastor Mike moved to his home state of Florida to pastor Dowling Park Church of God. He believes that Dowling Park Church of God will become a melting pot of believers who will encourage, enrich and excite others to fulfill their potential in the Kingdom of God.

He has served as Chairman of the Tennessee Evangelism and Home Missions board and was selected by his peers to serve in this capacity on three different occasions. He is also a Pastor Covenant Group facilitator ministering along side other Pastors. He has also served as a District Overseer and President of the Macon County Minister Association.



The Church of God has a long history throughout the country. From small beginnings at Barney Creek to the second largest Pentecostal denomination in the world.


Dowling Park Church of God was organized on January 1, 1936. A group of people prayed for revival near the Suwannee River and Dowling Park Church of God was birthed from that prayer.


The church has been a training ground and a launcing pad for many preachers through the years. Eventhough its nestled in the pines between Suwannee County and Lafayette County, many know its rich history and the Power of God that has visited its people many times.


The church is now emerging to reclaim and to revitalize the  Sword of the Spirit that will produce and prolong the Power of Pentecost along the Suwannee river once again.

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